Friday, September 30, 2011

October is Here. Time to Prepare!

Most boats in the Ha-Ha are on their way to an extended - and usually open ended - cruising voyage in Mexico and beyond. For more than a few this rally is the beginning of a planned circumnavigation of the globe. Needless to say, the level of preparation among the fleet is staggering.

Trimaran S/V Drei is a bit more laid back. Here are a few reasons why: First, this is not our first rodeo. Among the three of us are many decades of sailing and racing all kinds of boats. Jared and I have Pacific crossings and a previous Ha-Ha on our resumes.

Second, Drei is not a complex boat. She can command your attention when the breeze is up, but from a systems and maintenance perspective Drei is very wash and wear. There are a couple of things to do, such as replace the net lashings and move the masthead running backs aft. A half-day of work and Drei is up to sailing to Cabo.

A third reason involves the crew again... Let's just say that there's no ama drama on this trimaran. Gary and Jared are great guys to go to sea with. So here's to

3 weeks left before
3 buds head out on
3 hulls for
2 weeks, making
2 stops and arriving in
1 place in
1 piece