Sunday, October 30, 2011

Stowaway Squid

Some time last night, we picked up about six squid on the trampolines. The sailing wasn't wild enough to ship that much water through the nets, so our best guess is that they jumped onto the boat (Drei's leeward net is only a few inches off the water and frequently gets doused, so they wouldn't have to launch themselves very high to get aboard).

Today, we continue the pleasant spinnaker run to Bahia Santa Maria, probably arriving just after midnight. Luckily it's a big entrance to a forgiving anchorage, so coming in after dark won't be too stressful.

Bahia Santa Maria barely qualifies as a village—there are no services, just a handful of seasonally-occupied fishing shacks. There is a broad shallow bay that exposes acres of flat sand beach when the tide goes out, and the long wave break it creates makes for some great surfing—and some spectacular dinghy crashes.

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  1. We found squid under our kayaks, which were tied to the nets up forward MONTHS after crossing the Sea of Cortez. Also found them in the dinghy after crossing... that was a lumpy trip though. I want to see Paul's video!! Sounds like you BUDS are doing great - enjoy!