Thursday, October 27, 2011

Taking the Long Road

We weren't the first boat into the anchorage, but we probably get the prize for most distance sailed. DREI, like most multihulls and sport boats, can go downwind faster by jibing back and forth, sailing about 30-45 degrees off from straight downwind. That's the theory anyway, though I'm not sure it improved our downwind speed through the swells and chop. Still, who could complain about sailing more distance than necessary when the weather is great, the boat is skimming along at 11-16 kts, and still arriving early enough to get a prime spot in the anchorage and plenty of R&R time?

Today the DREI crew would like to thank Patsy Verhoeven on Talion for offering to fix the spinnaker we tore on the way here. That's some amazing and commendable generosity.

1 comment:

  1. Jared - did you have anything to do with the tear? ;-) I still have the phone number for our friends in La Paz. Lol!